White, Gold and Champagne

White, gold and champagne. We all know what these mean to a happy bride; the dress, the ring and, well, the champagne! But how easy is it to incorporate this colour theme into your wedding?

The simple elegance of a neutral scheme opens up a world of adventure in terms of styling. Our rustic barn juxtaposes the classic neutrals in a way that’s warming and cosy but still just as chic as you’ve always envisaged. Think of flickering white pillar candles, champagne toned roses and hints of classic gold.

white and gold wedding stationary

If neutrals are your thing but you want to add a pop of colour, wine-red for a wintery theme or blush-pink for more of a spring feel will become the central focus when surrounded by beautiful muted tones.

wedding flowers bouquet, burgundy, blush and white

The connotations of white and gold have been woven into the essence of a wedding for many generations and there is a reason it has stuck! Years and years of photo albums upon photos albums strewn with white gowns and golden wedding rings brings an air of nostalgia to the wedding world. Even if this seems a little outdated, there is no denying that the memories of our childhood looking through granny’s wedding photos are special ones. There is nothing wrong with updating a classic.

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white and gold wedding table layouts

With such a malleable pairing as white and gold, it seems almost impossible to bring a more contemporary feel to the table and yet here we’ve done it. Champagne shades have crept their way into the modern wedding day with the colour itself almost being impossible to avoid in one way or another. Rose gold accessories being the most obvious way of incorporating a more blush toned neutral. The colour of the decade has expanded in our hearts from an unusual and quirky expression to a staple part of the late two-thousand-and-teens trend. Peachy champagnes are indicative of a ballerinas ribbons; soft, dainty and beautiful.

Our September Showcase will focus on all things ‘White, Gold and Champagne’. For inspiration, ideas and to chat to the experts about your big day, register for tickets here.

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