Wedding Planning; Things to do during Lockdown!

As more of us are spending time at home, it can feel like you’re unable to get anything done and the days all just blur into one. This not only has impact on your sleep and physical health, it can also affect your mental health as you may feel that you’re not achieving enough.

I’ve found that having some simple organisation and achieving set tasks (no matter how small) help me to feel like I’ve had great day and have a purpose during this uncertain time in limbo! One way which you can achieve this is by getting on with your wedding planning.

Here are five ways to start getting organised and get one step closer to celebrating your big day!

Set out your budget

This should be your first step when wedding planning and perhaps you have already done it, but now is the time to make sure it is up to date!

This is super important as wedding budgets can quickly and very easily get out of control! A nice clear way to set this out is to pop all of the categories that you need to budget for, such as floristry, into a spreadsheet. Dividing your final budget between each category accordingly.

You can use this time to contact suppliers, get quotes on your spreadsheet or notebook and also add an extra column for actual prices, so you can compare them to budgeted figures and see the saving or maybe extra cost!

If you don’t have access to a spreadsheet programme, then I find a notebook works brilliantly. There are lots of bridal planning journals out there, one of our favourites is Six Stories Bridey journal, it is currently in the sale!

Create a timeline

Use your new wedding journal to create a timeline, setting deadlines for each task. Alternatively you could break this down into lists such as “12 months before, 6 months before etc.”

This is so helpful when you’re working out when to book suppliers, when you need to make final choices and payments and what you’ve actually completed.

By breaking everything down on a timeline, it can also help you feel more in control. It acts as a reality check and ensures you do have the time to achieve all of these tasks!

Decide on your design

Now is definitely the time to scroll for hours through Pinterest and Instagram looking for inspiration! One thing I would definitely recommend is checking your venue’s tagged posts and hashtags on Instagram or searching their name in the search bar to see how other people have dressed up the space. This is a great way to discover new ideas and help you to think of your venue in a different way. It can also help you to see how the venue’s space can be set up for different parts of the day. You don’t have to copy their ideas exactly, but instead take inspiration from them, to create a day that’s perfect for you!

Pinterest and Instagram are also brilliant for discovering new suppliers and seeing showcases of their work at the venue. It’s amazing how the stylists can make the venue look and feel so different, based on a theme you have set your heart on.

Create a pin board on Pinterest of all the images that you like, if you are super organised you can even divide them up by category. This is helpful when you need to send a supplier an image of what you’d like from them.

Check out our Pinterest and Instagram pages for more inspiration.

Check out your creative side during lockdown!

During this period, when let’s be honest things can get monotonous, (unless you are one of the very brave frontline workers), try thinking about how you can get creative! Think about designing your own Order of Service, Menu cards, Place Names, Table Plans and maybe even Invitations. If your feeling really creative you could start an online ‘Calligraphy Course’, or just head straight for a calligraphy starter pack and give it a go!

When Wasing first opened, local artist John Dollin, drew some beautiful pencil sketches of the unique properties within Wasing Park. If you would like to incorporate any of these in to your designs please feel free to use them.

You may then decide to have certain elements professionally printed whilst others are hand written!

It’s so important to enjoy your wedding planning! And, at a time like this, with so many people working from home or being furloughed more couples will have the opportunity to spend quality time together. Remember this could potentially save you money and add a personal touch to your wedding day too.

Have fun!

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