Suppliers in the Spotlight… White Horse Flower Company

Deciding on the wedding flowers is one of the most important decisions the bride and groom will make. Why? Your flowers will pull your theme together and set the scene of your entire wedding day: whether you’re looking for a rustic, back to nature feel; or unforgettable opulence, with imposing arrangements of highly scented colourful blooms. Your flowers should also reflect you, as a couple: are you outgoing and flamboyant, or quiet and home loving? And never forget that your flowers will appear in every single one of your wedding photos, from the groom’s buttonhole to the ceremony flowers and bridal bouquet. Making the right choice is crucial and that’s not easy without the guidance of an exceptional wedding florist.

One of our favourite suppliers at Wasing Park is the White Horse Flower Company. Lindsey Kitchin used to be a community midwife, so she’s had lots of experience of being integral to the most important and precious occasions in a couple’s life. She decided she needed a change, gained a floristry qualification and then learned on the job under the wing of a successful event florist.

Linz, as she is known, is driven by the seasons, and celebrate seasonality by sharing her expert knowledge of which blooms will be at their very best at the time of your wedding. “You come to my house; you sit on my sofa, and we talk flowers. It’s a very personal thing,” Linz explains. This very intimate service not only ensures your displays will include the most beautiful blooms; it also means you get the best value possible by selecting the finest of the season’s bounty.

Our wedding couples are at the very heart of what Linz does and you’re the reason she loves her job. She listens to your ideas and dreams and helps you breathe life into them. Working with Linz, you will discover that the design process is a living creative thing that is always evolving, until she has reached a design that is perfect for you.

Over the years Linz has earned an enviable reputation as a wedding and event florist, and now has hundreds of beautiful occasions under her belt, yet her enthusiasm remains undiminished as she draws on so many incredible experiences; never following the crowd but preferring her own intuitive floral style. “My intention is always to create original one-off bouquets and arrangements that capture your vision for probably the most beautiful day in your life,” she adds.

Linz often provides the flowers for Wasing couples, and the venue always looks stunning when Linz is involved.

Check out the WHFCo website here and her Instagram here.

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