Planning a Sustainable Wedding

As Wasing Park is set in the most beautiful countryside surroundings, bursting with nature, flora, fauna and home to various animals, both wild and farmed, it is in our interests to do our utmost to promote sustainability and an eco-friendly wedding for your special day.

Weddings aren’t always hugely eco-friendly events. There can sometimes be a lot of food waste, throwaway decorations and various packaging, not to mention the carbon footprint of all your guests travelling to your venue. However fear not, the idea of a sustainable wedding does not mean having throwing a party in a tipi in the forest and using only recycled products. These sustainable wedding ideas can give you a great theme when you and your loved one marry, save you money and give your guests something to think about

1) Chose a location that is close to you

Choosing a location that is close to you and the majority of your guests, will not only be convenient for your friends and family, but will also reduce your guest’s carbon footprint when travelling to your wedding, they may even be able to car pool!

2) Find a sustainable venue

Choosing a permanent building like a hall, barn or country house is far more sustainable than transporting and creating a venue such as a marquee. If your chosen venue regularly holds events, they will most likely have recycling facilities onsite and a good network of local suppliers.

3) Favours with a purpose

Favours can more often than not be overlooked on a wedding day. Try to choose favours that will help the environment or a charity close to your heart. Wildflower seeds are a great choice, your guests can plant them and be annually reminded of your special day, not to mention the local beehive will love them!

4) Bridesmaid shopping

In an aim to step away from a throwaway culture, your bridesmaids as more likely to wear their wedding attire to another occasion if they love their dress. Instead of putting your maids all in the same dress for it then to spend the rest of its life at the back of  wardrobe, why not try giving them a colour scheme and letting them each pick their own different design, it will make your bridal party all unique and will look fab in the photos!

5) Get green fingered instead of cutting flowers.

Using potted plants as your centrepieces and decoration for your day, can be part of a great theme as well cutting right back on flower wastage. Your array of flower, herb and succulent centre pieces will not only be quirky and unique in different pots, but then can be taken home to adorn your garden or given away as gifts to your guests.

From Lisa and the Team at Wasing Park.

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