Had To Postpone Your Wedding?

Here’s How To Celebrate On Your Original Date During Lockdown!

With your original wedding date coming up, it’s still important to celebrate it and have a fun day! With that said, it’s time to get all dressed up and plan a romantic day for the two of you.

The reality of having to postpone your wedding can be heart-breaking. It means that the date you’ve originally had in mind for so long is now changing, and you will have to wait longer to officially tie the knot. However, it’s also important to try and view this in a positive light and to remember that at the end of all of this, you will still be getting married! It will also be an even greater party that your guests and you will appreciate all the more.

In the meantime, there are a number of ways which you can still celebrate on your original wedding date. It’s still an important day and so it should be celebrated accordingly.

1. Prior to your original date order some gorgeous blooms:

Have a bunch of your chosen wedding flowers delivered to your house in the form of a bouquet. You can have these around the house for the days after and think how beautiful they will be in your venue during the real thing! If this isn’t a possibility with your florist perhaps go with more simplicity and choose just one of the flowers from your bouquet that you can get at the supermarket or greengrocers.

Postponed Wedding Ideas | Wasing Park Weddings

2. Have your first dance/wedding playlist playing throughout the day

Music is an amazing mood booster; my colleagues and I always have our wedding day playlist on in the background at the Stables Lodge which help us to get excited for the day ahead! Plan your wedding playlist with your partner and test it out throughout the day. You could even practice your first dance (space permitting)!

Lock down Postponed Wedding | Wasing Park

3. Have your wedding cake flavour made into a mini cake and delivered

A tasty option for your original date could be in the form of some wedding cake! Now of course you’ve been waiting for months to try your 4-tier dream cake in Sicilian lemon sponge… You can still get a taste of it, if you order a simple single tier cake in the flavour that you have chosen from your cake supplier. It’s obligatory to feed each other the cake slices though!

4. Share the love

The beauty of modern-day technology is that we can connect with each other so much more easily. Gather some of your friends and family for a video chat and catch up with those who you’re missing. You could even ask them to pop a bottle of bubbly in the fridge ahead of time so you can all celebrate together!

5. Cook your wedding breakfast together

Have a go at cooking your wedding breakfast together! Now of course we aren’t all Gordon Ramsey’s in the kitchen, however even if you take one of the elements from your wedding breakfast (such as beef) and instead create a simpler dish like steak, it will taste amazing! It’s also something a bit different to try together. If you’re feeling like properly celebrating, you could even find matching wine pairings for each course!

6. Get all dressed up for the day

We’re all guilty of sitting in our pyjamas or loungewear during quarantine, but it can be really fun to get all dressed up for a romantic day together. If you have the space, you could even get ready in separate rooms and recreate that first-look moment. You don’t have to wear your wedding dress or actual suit; you can simply wear something white or an outfit that makes you feel incredible! You could even spend the morning pampering yourselves, with face masks and spa activities.

7. Go through all of your relationship memories/pictures

This is a really sweet idea which I’ve seen a few couples on Instagram talking about doing. Gather all of your memories or pictures together and go through them. You could even set up a slideshow on your TV or laptop with some popcorn. It’s such a cute activity to do as you can remember how far you’ve come as a couple and all of the funny memories that have brought you to this point.

8. Party with your bridesmaids/ushers!

A fun way to end your day could be by setting up a video call with your wedding party. You could send out your signature cocktail recipe ahead of time and have everyone make it ready to party via video call! Another idea is to make a funny quiz with questions about you as the bride and groom and see how well your friends/family know you.

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