Finding the Right Accessories

Accessories can change your mood and self confidence on any day, but your wedding is your opportunity to elevate your look and feel individual.

Whether its statement jewellery, a sparkly headpiece or a pair of classic shoes, accessories are one of the simplest ways to update your look. However, the task of finding these can be made monumentally more difficult if you, like many, found yourself falling for a dress or suit you never pictured yourself in. Here are a number of ways you can turn every head as you marry the love of your life!

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Ask the tribe!

They’re not just there for moral support and to plan the last of your singleton bashes, you chose your bridesmaids and groomsmen for the sole reason that you love them and they probably know you better than most. Not only can they offer their own fashion advice, but they can also tell you what you seem to look most comfortable in when your head is filled with wedding planning.

Impress yourself above anyone else

Be careful not to worry about offending anyone if you don’t think you agree on their style. It can be easy to find yourself going for styles your family or loved ones have their heart set on. Ultimately, if Auntie Irene’s floor length lace veil looks more at home in the 1950’s, then that’s where it should stay. Just let her know politely that you appreciate her offer of something borrowed, but this time you would like to go for something new.

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Consult the professionals

Consider asking the owner of dressmakers and tailors where you bought your chosen outfit. These people are in this profession for a reason and know what accentuates their designs. Even better, if you have attended a number of sessions with a seamstress, they will have a strong idea of your style and can advise you on jewellery to compliment your look.


Pinterest can be your best friend when the red light in your creative tank has come on. Just get on there and get clicking away. Not only will this get some ideas rolling around in your tired head, but it can also be very therapeutic!

Hint: If you want your outfit to be a surprise on your wedding day and you don’t trust your guests not to have a little snoop, you can switch your board’s visibility to ‘secret’ so only you will be able to view it. If you wanted to, you could always make this public post-wedding if you felt like sharing your style wisdom with the masses. Our’s is here!

Out of your comfort zone

The best way to find an accessory you love is just to broaden the search. Try on shoes that may never have entered you mind or a colour you have never worn. If you alternatively are very set in your plans, bring images, mood boards and references into shops so you can understand what will work. Even if you don’t find exactly what you had in mind, you’ll probably forget it was ever an issue when the big day arrives and you are married!

Happy hunting!

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