Bringing in the BIG

Big is back and it’s better than ever! In today’s trends more is more and we are loving it. Many see this trend as a nod to the extravagant, but adding statement heels to a simple elegant dress or bulking floral arrangements with foliage and succulents reflect the versatility of going that extra mile.


If it is a rural wedding you are dreaming of, consider whisking away your guests in Land rovers, tractors or trailers between your ceremony and reception. This simple idea is a fab way to inject individuality and fun to your country wedding.  For a more modern feel, it is not unheard of for the bride and groom to hire a red London bus to pick up their guests. This is a fantastic way to add a personal touch to the day and is something we have seen work fantastically at Wasing!

gorgeous carriage in our Wasing rural country grounds Hampshire wedding venue

Studio Rouge Photography capturing a grand entrance

In the Detail

If extravagant transport and flamboyant fashion isn’t your scene, why not add some boldness behind the scenes with some heart-warming gifts to the wedding party? A memorable photo or piece of framed text is sure to tug at the heartstrings for any loved one, and shows that big doesn’t have to break the bank!

beautiful wedding stationary for wasing park wedding in berkshire autumn wedding

Studio Rouge Photography Personal touches to wedding stationary is a fantastic way to show your guests you care

Fashion and Sentiment

Bringing in the big doesn’t necessarily mean that everything has to be over the top. Big can be that extra touch that makes your day exclusive and individual to you and your guests. If a loved one can’t be with you to celebrate your special day, a gesture to them is a personal touch that makes your big day yours.  Whether personal touches, fabulous footwear or abundant florals are your way of going big, be sure that your wedding day is your opportunity to exercise this.

Benjamin Stuart Photography Incredible wedding shoes for this bride!

Big is to go that extra mile on the aspects of the wedding that reflect your personalities, backgrounds and values as a couple. At the end of all the festivities, whether you went subtle or super, why not clock out for the night in our honeymoon suite’s biggest bed in Berkshire…


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