A day in the life of an Event Manager at Wasing Park

Driving through the white gates of the estate early in the morning, I start my way up the long winding driveway past the lambs frolicking in the fields in Spring, slowing down to let a cow cross my path or admiring the sunrise on a frosty morning. I count myself very lucky to call Wasing Park my place of work and I think I quite possibly have the best commute around!

Our humble office based in the centre of all the action, is a hive of activity. We have a lovely view of the venue, close to the accommodation and the Castle Barn. We regularly liaise with the talented kitchen team as well as the venue accommodation team so being amidst all the action is ideal. Whilst we are busy working away we get to see our venue in all its glory. Even on a cloudy day, Wasing can’t help but look magical.

We are a small close-knit team, and our office days consist of catching up on lots of correspondence from our lovely future brides and grooms, answering queries about the Galloping Gourmet catering and event management services that we provide, liaising with suppliers and pulling together paper work and final details to ensure the smooth running of a wedding day.

We give our future couples the most detailed and informative knowledge that we can, as we understand that couples have lots to think about when planning a wedding.  Another exciting part of our office life is the meetings with excited brides and grooms. Each couple is invited to join an experienced event manager for a meeting to discuss their day, from catering to timings to detailed final touches. These meetings are just as exciting for us, as we start to build a relationship and become their port of call in the lead up and on the day of their wedding.

We have an excellent team of chefs, who consistently provide an exquisite quality of food for our weddings. We also hold regular weekly meetings with our kitchen team to ensure that the kitchen is well briefed to execute the finest details, creating the most delicious wedding breakfasts for our newlyweds. We are extremely well practiced on dealing with dietary requirements, and in our meeting with the chefs we double and triple check to ensure that all our guests are catered for. It goes without saying that an amazing perk of our jobs is taste testing!

It’s not all about planning and preparation, eventually the big day rolls around.  After meeting various members of the bridal party, we (along with our excellent team of staff) start to bring together the couple’s big day. No stone is left unturned; each requested detail is checked and implemented. Your dedicated event manager is with you every step of the day, blending into the background, and making sure that everything appears and happens when it should, so that you can just relax and enjoy yourselves.

Every wedding day is different, and every couple is unique. We can’t express to you the satisfaction that we get from seeing months, sometimes years, of hard work and preparation being realised. It’s all worth it when we see a joyful smiling couple and happy guests enjoying themselves. We love seeing a couple’s new fresh ideas, such as using a vintage typewriter as a guestbook to save special memories forever, or families and friends working together to make 1000’s of individual coloured paper cranes by hand to be hung from the beams in our castle barn. Someone once said “A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person”, that resonates for a Galloping Gourmet event manager, every time we work with a new couple we fall in love with Wasing Park over and over again.

Guest blog by Helena from Galloping Gourmet at Wasing Park.

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