The stunning Granary at Wasing Park wedding venue near Reading

Building a Better Venue – Part 2

3rd November 2014

So what is it that makes Wasing Park so charming? Is it the long drive through classic English countryside? Is it the proximity of all the buildings you need for a wedding? Could it be the Parish Church, so light in impact, but so beautifully English? Studio Rouge Or is it th...


Building a Better Venue – Part 1

1st November 2014

It was back in 2011 when we started to think about how we could improve Wasing Park. It had been voted the Best Wedding Venue in the UK in 2012 but we felt there was more to be done... CP Photography With beautiful listed accommodation, the exquisite parish Church of St Nicholas, as well ...


Happy Halloween!

31st October 2014

Celebrated on the 31st October, Halloween is one of the oldest holidays known to man, renowned for superstitions, witches, apples, pumpkins and masks! Originating from the Celts 2000 years ago, they celebrated New Year on the 1st November, marking the end of the summer and harvest season and the ...