Shaping Your Inner World through Challenge and Change

5th May 2020

Wasing’s Wellness Coach and Yoga Teacher, Jill, shares some perspectives for our current times. There isn’t one of us alive who hasn’t felt the ripple of inner and outer change these past few weeks. Whether a bride-to-be, parent, an events manager, business owner, leader, healer, or one ...


Had To Postpone Your Wedding?

21st April 2020

Here's How To Celebrate On Your Original Date During Lockdown! With your original wedding date coming up, it’s still important to celebrate it and have a fun day! With that said, it’s time to get all dressed up and plan a romantic day for the two of you. The reality of having to postpone you...


Spread The Love With Strawberry Jam Favours

9th April 2020

The aim of this blog is hopefully to give you some inspiration for your wedding planning whilst you’re stuck at home! If you are getting to the stage of being at home for three weeks now, here’s something new for you to try that doesn’t involve banana bread or sourdough! At the bottom of th...