Floral Trends by White Horse Flower Company

2nd June 2020

As one of Wasing Park’s preferred florists, I’ve been “flowering up” Wasing since it opened 12 years ago and have lost count of the myriad of beautiful weddings I’ve created in that time not to mention the hundreds of couples I’ve worked with to bring their unique vision to life. Duri...


Change of Date: Has Your Wedding Been Postponed?

19th May 2020

Guest Blog by Laura Penny from Lulabee Wedding Postponed; something none of us thought we’d have to endure when early wedding planning started, but here we all are in this together, on this new journey that life has sprung upon us. It’s heart breaking for the wedding industry, there is no ...


Wedding Planning; Things to do during Lockdown!

12th May 2020

As more of us are spending time at home, it can feel like you’re unable to get anything done and the days all just blur into one. This not only has impact on your sleep and physical health, it can also affect your mental health as you may feel that you’re not achieving enough. I’ve found th...