Some exciting news for the Stables Lodge bar!

We’re welcoming five new unique gins to proudly sit alongside our long-standing favourite Sipsmiths, a popular London dry gin. Introducing…

The Cotswolds Distillery

First up we have a lovely floral gin from, you guessed it, The Cotswolds. This juniper lead gin has a unique mix of lavender, bay leaf, grapefruit, lime and black pepper and has been recognised with various accolades and awards. Perfect for a G&T, or pleasant enough to be drunk on the rocks.


Ableforth’s ‘Bathtub Old Tom’ is a gin sitting slightly on the spicy side of the spectrum, distilled in Kent. A slightly sweetened version of their ‘Bathtub’ gin, this unique gin is made by cold compounding and contains botanicals such as cinnamon, orange peel and clove.

Half Hitch –

London’s Half Hitch gin is distilled with a vision to reinvigorate Camden’s thriving gin history. Back in the day, Camden lock was the heart of London’s gin industry, exporting its gin all around the world and Half Hitch are on a mission to honour the past. We think this citrus toned gin is just as delicious and its history is interesting.

Da Milne – 

Possibly the most intriguing gin on the list, Da Milne Seaweed Gin is infused with handpicked seaweed from the Celtic coast, and quite frankly, makes a delicious G&T!

Rock Rose – 

Relatively new, but still boasting various prestigious accolades, Rock Rose from Scotland has been lovingly perfected by a small family team, with a vast selection of local Scottish traditional botanicals.

If you fancy yourself a bit of a gin expert, or simply can’t resist a G&T, we’ve got you covered!

From Lisa and the Team at Wasing Park.

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