Embracing your wedding daze

Planning your wedding. It’s all about the dress, the guest list, the venue, the theme, the photographer… the list goes on. Stress and spiralling costs might be the first two things that spring to mind when you think about weddings; but planning your big day should be fun, especially when it comes to choosing which wines you and your guests will be enjoying.

DIY weddings may be all the rage, but that doesn’t mean you have to go it entirely alone. There are an abundance of resources available online to make your life as easy as possible, and give your wedding that extra personal touch. And when it comes to wine, it couldn’t be easier. Hiring a wedding planner might not be in your budget, but thanks to Corney and Barrow and others, you can now afford the luxury of your very own wine planner.

Finding your perfect match

You might not be a wine expert but the chances are you know what you like, and when you like it. On a summers day it might be a Provencal Rosé and a winter’s night a delicious Rioja.

Have a think about what you would like to drink on your wedding day. Will you start with something sparkling or do you prefer a crisp dry white or fruity red?  If you follow this year’s trends you might opt for a special cocktail to kick off the celebration.

Are you matching your wine to your meal, or are you planning something a little less formal? It’s always nice to complement the flavours of your food, but you can guarantee your guests will be too distracted with the excitement of the occasion to worry too much if the White Burgundy is truly bringing out the essence of the seared scallops.

Choosing your wine is like choosing your dress – it’s all about trying, testing, and finding the perfect fit. Taste before you buy, tailor it to your needs, and above all make sure it’s right for you.

Wine and weddings go hand in hand our latest guest blog from wine experts Corney & Barrow

Happy ever after

Remember, your enjoyment of wine doesn’t have to end with the big day. Say goodbye to mismatched wedding gifts, and grab yourself a Wedding Wine list! Wine is a gift that truly keeps on giving and will ensure you have a delicious supply of memorable wines to celebrate future anniversaries and great life events.

Wine and weddings go hand in hand our latest guest blog from wine experts Corney & Barrow

From Lisa and the Team at Wasing Park.

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