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Playing with flowers: A day in the life of a wedding florist

21st April 2015

“I’d love to play with pretty flowers like you do, what a lovely job you have.” If I had a pound every time someone made that comment, I’d be a millionaire by now. Sadly I’m not (not yet anyhow). Pretty flowers? Yes they are. Playing with them? No I’m not. Similar comments include ...

Wonderful moment enjoyig their first dance in the Castle Barn, Wasing Park

Neale James – Wedding Photographer

31st March 2015

“Well, the clocks have jumped forward, it’s spring - and for me it feels like the official start to a new ‘wedding season.’ Wasing Park is a special venue to me as a wedding photographer. I’ve been photographing here since the venue opened it’s doors to couples in 2008 and it’s a place...